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Where light and living meets…

Who we are…


We are a specialized construction company.  We manufacture and install glass conservatories, patio extensions and related building works.

We pride ourselves on being a highly adaptable construction company and to date have met all challenges posed to us by our clients.  Our expertise in all facets of building and related works (specialized engineered structures) is evident in our workmanship.

Our most popular extension is our unique, custom design, Insulated Flat Roof with our without skylites.  This structure has proven to be extremely versatile and has been able to extend rooms and cover patio’s where other products or systems have been unable to do so.

Our conservatories with straight mono pitch safety glass and aluminum frames are still as popular as ever.  On all our conservatories and skylites we offer tinted safety glass, extractor fans and retractable sun screens to control summer heat and UV rays.   


Four Seasons Conservatories have been operating successfully in Gauteng for the last 30 years.

The company started in 1986 with their trademark curved glass conservatories.  Over the years Four Seasons Conservatories had to accommodate his client’s needs and move to more modern designs.

Since 1991 we started installing our flat roof extensions with or without skylights.  We moved away from the curved glass to the straight mono pitch glass conservatories, for a more contemporary look.  

With more than 3500 home improvements, Four Seasons Conservatories’ solution lends itself to endless possibilities around space optimization.